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Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

I am a massage-physiotherapist

dancer, singer, improviser

Egyptian Essenian therapist

mother of 2 children.

I LOVE transmitting posture, anatomy and body awareness as a means of refocusing to realign yourself to the most beautiful version of yourself.

I LOVE to transmit improvisation as a means of accessing trust, letting go and the sacredness of Life.

I LOVE to look beyond the physical body, into the invisible, to heal the knots of the soul which are at the origin of the body's ailments.

I LOVE to love you as best as I can so that you succeed in opening your heart to the beauty of your being.

I just LOVE holding your hand when you need support through a tricky area.


With lightness, simplicity, gratitude and humility...

And all the Love available...


Retreat Dare to Live

Retreat dare to live 1

Egyptian Essenian Healing

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according to the complete method transmitted by Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois and Daniel Meurois


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Musics of flowers, trees (and their messages)

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There are words

There is a voice

There are intentions

Which take me back to the essential

For me, Emanuela Carl embodies all of this.

A light-being to discover.




And yeeeees you have this quality in you to allow your brothers and sisters incarnated on Gaia to connect to their divine light, in an alchemy specific to each one while being anchored in their being.


I perceive love and beauty in her as an open door to unconditional love that thanks to her we can cross... Thank you.


I feel the beauty of your heart through your eyes and your voice and thank you for your humility and gift of yourself.
I really liked the sweetness of your right words and to repeat several times to feel in this place of security and gentleness that you opened to us.


Great experience! At first I don't know what happened. Tears fell on their own, yet no feeling of sadness, but I couldn't hold them back. I think they were more tears of joy. Then, when it was time to sing, I followed, and a desire to move my body, something that I let do for well-being, and no longer wanted it to stop. For the language, the impression of receiving a message of encouragement which pushes me to have confidence in myself and to move forward.


I don't know if it's the fact of having seen the word "forgiveness", but already, I was starting to be very moved... I had tears in my eyes for a good part of the video... And when the tears flowed, I was just filled with love and I just wanted to share it with everyone without exception... So thank you for this moment.


Emanuela is very soft. She puts me in the same state. A soft and fragile vibration. A very calm emotion, finesse and a lot of strength at the same time. Thank you very much for this discovery.


It doesn’t seem like much but for me it was in the energy of respect for all of us and the energy of “I see you” in a shared trust! This allowed me to feel good and accompanied so that my soul showed its colors, its fragrance, its melody and listened to all my senses, without looking or judgment.



It's a beautiful work... like a communication from the heart where the soul speaks to us through the sounds we perceive...